1. Win Tickets To The 20th Annual SF Ball!

    5 Feb 2014

    Following in the tradition of great Sci Fi Guy competitions, we are proud to announce that in association with the SF Ball we are giving away one pair of day tickets to this long running event.

    Taking place each year in Bournemouth at the The Carrington House Hotel, the SF Ball is one of the longest running events of its kind in the country and this year, on the weekend of February 7th-9th, it is celebrating another great milestone - this year marks the event's 20th anniversary! Over the past two decades the event has attracted guests such as Sir Patrick Stewart (Cpt Picard - Star Trek TNG), Jonathan Frakes (Commander Riker - Star Trek TNG), Mira Furlan (Babylon 5, Lost), Nichelle Nichols (Uhura - Star Trek TOS) and many, many more. The event also boasts a fantastic community and as such attendees can take part in a variety of fun competitions and games, as well as a fantastic costume ball on the Saturday evening of the event that includes a three course meal.

    Throughout its history the event has also supported a variety of charities, such as the Teenage Cancer Trust, which the event has raised over £13,600 for over the last four years.

    This year's event includes guests such as Marina Sirtis (Star Trek TNG and NCIS), Paul McGann (Doctor Who), Chris Barrie (Red Dwarf), Sophie Aldred (Doctor Who) as well as a fantastic Doctor Who: The Corridor of Monsters exhibition, a dealers room and an area devoted to comic books. So, to win a pair of day tickets, all you have to do is email stating your answer to the following question and which day you would like to have the ticket for (Saturday or Sunday) by 12pm on Thursday 6th February. The question is:

     Which seaside resort is the home of the Ball?

    A)     Brighton

    B)      Cornwall

    C)      Blackpool

    D)     Bournemouth

    To find out more information about the event and the charities that it supports visit the SF Ball website here.

    See below for terms and conditions.

    Closing date for entries is 9am Thursday 6th February. One entry per person. No purchase necessary. There is no cash substitute. The prize is non transferable. The promoter reserves the right to substitute the prize(s) for one of equal or greater value. The winning entrants will be selected by an independent judge from all completed entries and notified by email by Friday 7th February 2014. Two attempts to contact the winner will be made after which a new winner will be drawn. Up to two winners will be contacted before the prize is forsaken. Winners that respond after that period will not be eligible for the prize if a second winner has been contacted. The promoter reserves the right to withdraw the competition if it is felt that it has been in any way fraudulently entered. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. By accepting the prize the winners agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. This competition is not open to staff or family.

  2. Michael McDonald: Diary of a Geek Dad

    2 Jul 2012

    It seems that I am a geek who got lucky. As I have mentioned before I hid my geekiness for years until I was about 25/26. I had a string of girlfriends, some serious some not. I was even engaged. However, I was living a lie. I wasn’t being true to myself and when I finally allowed that through I, some might say, over indulged in the world of geek. I met my wife shortly before I released the Geek. She fell in love with Mike, but stayed for Michael (my before and after). She accepted the Geek, when many before hadn’t and that is why I am now happily married.  

    Now I have a son. Little Harry, perhaps named subconsciously after Mr Potter. With the dog Raistlin, named for the arch mage in Dragonlance, I am a true family man. This is terrifying. I am now responsible for another human being. He will look to me for guidance and advice. I’m smart, probably a genius (if I say so myself), but how will I shape my son to fit the world. I want to introduce him to the genre I love and immerse myself. Will this mean though, that I open him up to bully’s? For a certain time he will be able to take a Star Wars lunchbox and Superman backpack and not have any problems. Kids today though seem to want to grow up so fast, so if he is like me and shares my love of sci-fi, fantasy and gaming and wants to use a Superman lunchbox like his dad, yes I still have a Superman lunchbox, will this cause him problems?

    I want him to choose his own path, but at the same time, I want to show him what an amazing selection of entertainment there is out there. What creative genius’ (at times) Lucas, Spielberg, Abrams et al are. That Stan Lee is the master and that Batman could beat Superman in a fight. However, in doing this will my son suffer bullying and humiliation? Geek/Nerd is a more accepted subculture now, but there is still a stigma attached to it

    Right now, my son is a year old and all of this is conjecture. Soon though these worries will become a reality. Will I be an awesome Geek dad and have a Geek son? Only time will tell.

    Watch this space.

  3. Welcome To The All New DTRN

    30 Nov 2011

    After four seasons and over four years it is my pleasure to welcome you all to the latest iteration of The Destiny Talk Radio Network or as it more commonly known.

    Many people have asked me why we decided that now was the best time for a complete overhaul of the website and the answer is simply that as the show was increasing in popularity we needed to move to a new webhosting company and so I made the decision to re-vamp the site when we moved.

    This also meant that as we have in the past we once again would need to improve on the current iteration and so a great deal of effort has been made to not only make this version more refined but also more user friendly. Another element that was important to not only myself but also all of those involved in this design process was that we wanted to make something that was unique and reflected the creative ethos that lies behind not only the site origins but also that of everything we do. We have also worked hard to add new features to the site that have not been present in the past designs and so people will now be able to see such things as our latest Tweets whilst also removing and refining areas that we felt no longer needed such as the reviews pages which going forward will be integrated into a new blogs section. It is my hope then that the site you are now looking at ticks all of those aspects for you, the user and I would like to thank all of those who have been involved in the design process too date, as without you this would have taken a lot longer than it did.

    Lastly as I previously mentioned the site has grown in popularity since we first went live in 2007 and so I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all you for your support over the intervening years and I hope that we can continue to provide you with new and exciting content such as Sci Fi Guys: The Game, for many years to come.

    Stuart Claw
    Sci Fi Guy and DTRN General Manager